International Harp Therapy Program

12 juli - 22 juli 2018
De Vlindertuin, Heythuysen

The International Harp Therapy Programme will lead you step by step to become a Therapeutic Harp player.
A fundamental skill in musical intervals and modes to help with improvisation.
You will learn how to communicate therapeutically, listen empathically, NLP and Transactional Analysis.
The skill of working in a hospital and hospice. The importance of correct posture using the Alexander technique.
Understanding anatomy and how sound and vibration have an effect on the body.
The difference between Music Therapy and Harp Therapy.
Training in sympathetic resonances for the relief and comfort of others. Interactive harp sharing opportunities.
To develop your own musical skills. How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Prep school: 12 & 13 July 9:00-17:00

Introduction day: 14 July 9:00-17:00

Musical presentation IHTP: 14 July 19:30
special surprise guest(s)
Entrance €10,00

IHTP Level 1 attendance week: 15 – 21 July
Workshops for graduates: 21 & 22 July 9:00-17:00
Christina Tourin (VS) ~ Jan Jonker
Jos Burger Hughes ~ Noya Nachmany
Alix Colin (B) ~ Ludwig Conistabile (I)
Lies Joosten ~ Els Denessen
Margaret Forrest ~ Liesbeth Schroen

Workshops for graduates 21-22 July 9.00-17.00
Deepen your understanding of the therapeutic harp and broaden your
repertoire with the masterclasses of Alix Colin on modal music and with
Ludwig Conistabile and guided imagery on the harp.

Prep school 12 en 13 July 9.00-17.00
The introduction day and the prep school give an impression of what the
IHTP program is all about. It can be the step up to join the level 1
program in 2018 or later.
The Prep-school program on 12 and 13 July prepares students musically
for level 1 as we learn how to play in the modes and improvise.
Beginners, intermediates and advanced players are welcome and
practice in separate classes at their own level.

€ 30,00 per day for lunch and dinner (biologic & vegetarian); € 20,00 for dinner only. Shops and restaurants are in the area when you want to take care of your own food.
€ 5,00 per day for using the facilities of the Butterfly Garden.

When you register you will receive a list of places for accommodation.
Camping in the beautiful Butterfly garden is also possible for € 9,00 per night.

Prep-school € 150,00
Introduction day € 75,00
Level 1 attendance week € 1200,00 (incl. Mentor guidance and study
materials in the next 12 months)
Graduates workshops € 250,00 (€ 125,00 per day)
Musical welcome for the public € 10,00

Level 2 will be organised this year in Italy from 27 to 31 July and in 2019 again in the Netherlands in Heythuysen.

For more information and registration contact:
Liesbeth Schroen, General coördinator IHTP Europe
M 0031-6-18257160

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