FOR REAL Resonate Productions

1 maart - 2 maart 2024
De Balie, Amtserdam

is a theatrical radioshow on what it means to matter. The starting point is the intellectual undermining of women: the sexism on the mind and the soul. As an audience-member, you are a guest in our radio-studio. Over the speakers, you hear the voices of fourteen women. They analyse the intellectual undermining from their own personal and professional experiences. How does this influence your sense of self, the building of relationships and eventually: the course of life itself?
The audience completes the investigation when the musicians start to interview them in the theater, carried by a new technique of improvising, in which the musicians support these conversations as they unfold.

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We will be performing FOR REAL in different locations:
1-2 March in Amsterdam at De Balie
8 March in Den Haag at Het Nationale Theater
5 May in Mechelen (BE) at the Lunalia Festival
17-18 May in Rotterdam at the O.Festival in the Debatpodium Arminius



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